F1 COS need to travel India to get stamping

Hi All,

I have a COS F1 and have been studying on it, I have one Spring 2017 semester left and wanted to travel India in December.

Wanted to check on few things.

  1. Once I go to India what process do i need to follow (should it be the normal F1 visa request) for stamping ?

  2. Are there any chances of rejection as I only have 1 subject left in Spring.

  3. What would be the best way to pursue this scenario ?

Any Help would be great. Thank you!


I am in a similar situation. Could you please share your experience?

Please let me know.

One subject will not matter. What counts is the date mentioned on your I-20. As long as you have a valid I-20, you should be able to justify.
Moreover, once the COS has been approved, stamping should be much easier.
BTW, did you pursue this ? If so, how was your experience ?