F-2 Visa eligibility for NIE, if F-1 is present in USA before the travel ban

I’m in the US for the last six months on my valid student F-1 visa. My college start date was January 4, 2021. However, my wife didn’t get a date for an interview with me until July 2021 at the Delhi Embassy.
Is she eligible for NIE, or need to apply for the same? If she needs to, what is the best time to apply for the NIE regarding her appointment date?

There is no mention of F2 being eligible for NIE. Check out the below faq link.


The FAQ mentioned the F students visa eligible for NIE whose college starts from August 1, 2021, or later. Since the dependent F-2 visa comes under the same student visa category, however, I am searching for a more accurate answer.

F-2 is a dependent of F-1 and I don’t think F-2 falls under NIE. Please call the consulate and check.