F-2 to H-4 COS travel out of US before October 1st


My husband applied is currently working on OPT extension and I am on dependent F2 visa. My husband applied for H1b visa this year and COS for me from F2 to H4.

We received his H1b receipt no. yesterday as he applied thoguh ADE cap premium processing, so we are hoping to have approval by end of April.

I have a question, can I travel out of US with approved change of status before October 1st and return to US in November 2013 after I get H4 stamping done??

Leaving US before October 1st is that going to affect my approve H4 COS?

Please advise.



If you get all your apprvoed papers for H1 and H4, take them along and get it stamped before entering US.

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