F-1 stamping when on OPT ?

Hi,I changed my status from H4 to F1 in US and studied my Masters (gave no TOEFL or GRE was not mandatory for the university) and now doing my OPT,I graduated this dec 2015.I received my OPT with a start date as Nov 7 2015. I am working as consultant with an e verified company. I have not been to india since i came to US in dec 2013.I want to visit india this year want to know if its good to go for F1 stamping opt with in April (opt expire in oct)?what are the chances of my F1 getting rejected and loosing my OPT?What all the documents i need to carry for visa stamping?Thanks very much for your help.Thanks,

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I do have the same case. Please let me know if you have traveled to India and your experience on the same.



Yes I traveled and got stamping done in Delhi.

Questions the consulate Asked-

1-Why this college?
2-What subject you took in college?
3-What Degree I have completed ?
4-Company name I worked for.
5-Client name.
6- Husband visa status(my Husband is on H1B and has his i 140 approved)

Document he asked for

1- Only I20 which my college gave me.(I informed my college that I will be traveling to india DSO approved my vacations and gave me my new i20)
2-EAD Card.

Let me Know if anyone has any questions.I will be more than happy to help.

Hi, did you not qualify for the Dropbox/interview waiver? My situation says I qualify for waiver,for my F1 stamping.


Hi, did you not qualify for the Dropbox/interview waiver? Have you heard of other cases of success stories? or if anyone was denied F1 restamping on OPT ? There is so much of scare around :frowning:

Hi, I am in a similar situation but I need F1 visa stamping since I changed my status from f2 to f1 and never traveled to India after coming to us. I have valid opt (till jan 2017) and valid job and pay slips. I need to travel to india in Nov. I will get the receipt for my stem opt but ead will take time to arrive. Is it very risky? Please advice.

thanks in advance!

I have a similar situation.Did u travel ?