F-1 stamping when on OPT or OPT extenstion?


I changed my status from H4 to F1 in US and studied my Masters (gave no TOEFL or GRE was not mandatory for the universityi stuided) also did CPT for 4 month and now doing my OPT,
I graduated this OCt 2014.I recieved my OPT with a start date as Nov 10 2014. I am working as consultant with an e verified company. I have not been to india since i came to US in May 2013.
I want to visit india this year want to know if its good to go for F1 stamping opt with in aug (opt expire in Nov) or should I apply for extenstion and go directly for OPT extenstion in DEc.

what are the chances of my F1 getting rejected and loosing my OPT?
What all the documents i need to carry for visa stamping?

Thanks very much for your help.



Dear Varsha18,

Did you stamp your F1 on OPT? I have the exact situation.

Thank you.

I am also in same boat ? Anyone has any experience on this?


I stamped my F1 successfully from Chennai consulate.

Questions Asked:

  1. Where are you working?
  2. Nature of your job?
  3. Major?
  4. When did you graduate?

Pleaase let me know if you have more queries.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, did you not qualify for the Dropbox/interview waiver? My situation says I qualify for waiver,for my F1 stamping.