Extension of i94 based on anew i797A

Hi Team, When i entered USA for Company ‘A’.i was given my i94 based on my passport expiry as it was the expiring soon(May-2018) compared to other documents like VISA (2019)and i797B(2019).I have re applied for passport and got a new one and then I have moved to Company ‘B’ and i have received new i797A upto 2020.But still i see my i94 is for May-2018.How can i extend my i94 as per new i797A or should i need to do it?

The I-94 is controlled by Customs and Border protection (CBP) and not USCIS which handles your visa. The two systems are separate and dont talk to each other as far as I know.

Your I-94 will only get updated, every time you pass through customs/immigration. But when you applied for transfer to company B with new passport details ( I hope) , USCIS would have supplied you with an updated I-94 along with the I-797. The latest of the I-94 that you have in possession will hold good and grant you status to be in USA. I went through the same, your immigration attorney, will explain you in detail. Please check with them.

The online I-94 portal will only be updated when pass through custom/immigration again.

Thank you Ramanan256 for the response !! .The latest I-94 i have received on my I-797A is the same old I-94 i had initially and is with the same details .I was expecting to have a new I-94 number with new expiry details.