Extension of a Computer Programmer

I’m currently in the U.S since 1.5 years and I am considering coming back to India for 1-month (possibly May) due to health reasons.

Since my H1B had expired last year and I was given a 1 year extension, I understand that I would have to get my Visa stamped again before re-entry into the U.S.

The questions on which I don’t have any clarity are:

  1. I had got my first stamp on the H1B visa at the Chennai Consulate. Will I be eligible for dropbox in Mumbai?

  2. Also, since my visa expires on Aug, 2017 and since my current role is ‘Computer Programmer’ (15-1131), do you see any risk in getting the stamping done on May 2017? Can there be an RFE for the second stamp?

Anyone who has already been through / witnessed a similar experience can provide valuable inputs.

Please advice.


  1. You can opt for dropbox at any consulate as long as you qualify for dropbox.

  2. Just the job role doesn’t disqualify a person. If you have Bachelor’s degree and/or multiple years of experience, it should be fine. Still your attorney is in a better position to review and comment.