Extended H1B petition & Not stamped


I applied for H1B extension through my employer when I was in the US last year (Aug’15). My petition got approved around March 2016 and then I had returned to India due to personal reasons and was working with same employer who sponsored Visa for me. I have not yet went for stamping.

Now that I have resigned from my current organisation and would be joining a new one in few day’s time and have no plans to travel for next 6 months atleast. I have no idea of what is going to happen to the H1B visa. Please advise and suggest.

Thanks in advance !!

Since your H1B visa is owned by your H1B petitioning employer, but not you, It is gone with that employer.

Thanks ImmiGeek. So there is no way to use the original petition through another employer later when I wish to travel ? Do I have to file a new one and go through H1 cap/lottery process again ??