Extend H4 while I140 is pending ?

my wife lives with a H1B in the USA. Her boss has requested a green card for my wife. Category EB3, the application was received by USCIS on April 11, 2018. Because her H1B expired at the end of April 2018, an extension application was filed on March 30. I am in I140 as a Dependent, but live in Germany. That’s why consular processing should be done for me. Petition I824 was filed on 1 June 2018. This means that there are currently 6 applications with the USCIS pending status: I140, I485, I131, I765, I129 and I824.
I myself had an H4, but this also expired at the end of April 2018 along with my wife’s H1B. However, I would like to extend it and therefore wait for the approval notice of the H1B extension.

My question: Is it even possible to renew an H4 when a green card application is running, in which I am included as a dependent?