Expired L1, Valid I-94 question about H1

Here is my situation:

L1B Visa - Expired Nov-2013

I 94 - Valid till Apr-2016

I 129 - Has From date - Oct-2010 To date - Oct-2013

I 797 - From 2009, indefinite validity (since this is a blanket petition)

My questions:

  1. I am in the process of applying for H1 this year. Will my current situation put me out of status anytime between now and Oct-2015?

  2. My spouse is on L2 EAD and is also applying for H1. Will the expired dates on my records cause any issue to my spouses’s application?

  3. Assuming point 1 is not an issue and I get picked in the lottery, on Oct-2014, I would have roughly completed 4.3 yrs in US. Can I just do a COS and switch to a new employer?

Appreciate your help

You didn’t specify where are you located at present.

If you are in India, it does not cause any issue.

If you are in US, and L1B is expired you are allowed to stay on I-94 validity, but working with just I-94 is illegal. Again L2 EAD is tied to L1 validity.

You can apply for COS once your H1 is picked. You have to file for amendment.