Expired I-94 but valid H4 visa stamped on the passport



I got into this situation due to some confusion and looking for help. My wife had I-94 issued until Aug 11, 2018 since her passport was expiring on the same date. She got her passport renewed but forgot about the I-94 expiration. She over stayed for 17 days from Aug 11 until Aug 28, 2018. When she realized her mistake, she immediately left to India on the night of Aug 28, 2018. Now she has valid H4 visa stamped on her old passport until Feb 19, 2019. Can she enter into United States on her valid H4 visa stamped on old passport OR she has to got to US consulate in India to get new H4 visa stamping?

Any help is appreciated.




I am in the same situation. Can you help me what you done in this case please.



You can enter US using your visa as long as it valid on the day you try to enter. You need to carry all the supporting documentation regarding your spouse. If you exit US and re-enter, some of that should be fixed. You can always explain the situation to Immigration officer as an honest mistakeā€¦ You can check Travel History online as well.