Expired H1-B Transfer in India


I had got my H1B visa stamped from a company X for a period of 2.5 Yrs. Now it got expired last week. Now I am getting an offer from a company Y, where they are looking for people to send to US to work on their client projects.

Is it possible to get my previous H1-B visa (Validity Expired) transferred to the new employers name? If yes, what is the procedure. Do the new employer ‘Y’ have to file a new application? Will it be counted into the H1-B annual cap?

Thanks in advance…awaiting for your respone.



Your new employer can transfer your expired H1B Petition directly. No need of new petition. He will be filling an extention and a conversion. Please submit all the prior approval related documents to your new employer…It will take 2 to 4 months to get approved.