Experience & skill set difference in H1b transfer petition

Hi All,

I really need your expert advice here.

I am currently working for company A with 11 years of experience (X,Y & Z as previous employers) out side the US. Last year, Company B (Consultancy) has sponsored for my H1b and I got visa stamping as well, but company B showed only 8 years of my experience ( Y, Z & A as employers) & different skill set during h1b filing due to some reasons, hidden 3 years experience which I had in my first employment X.

Now my current company A is ready to transfer my H1b and send me to US.

My concerns are:

  1. Will there be any issue with the difference in work experience & skill set showed by Company B and Company A to the USCIS during H1b transfer?

  2. In case of any RFE raised by the USCIS during the H1b transfer to the Company A, can i still travel to US using the Visa sponsored by the Company B?

  3. Will there be any issue at the immigration check/POE at the time of travel with either of the visas (A or B)?

  4. Will there be any other issues due to this discrepancy in future after arriving US or while applying for GC?

Thanks in advance for your timely advice, your inputs are very critical in taking decision on this case.

  1. I don’t think so as long as your current application contains all the right information.

  2. Yes. Issues w/ A’s petition will not impact your previously approved petition and visa stamp

  3. I don’t think so

  4. I don’t think so

As A will be doing H-1 transfer, you will be sharing your documents with them. Do you plan to make them aware of this?

Thanks Sourabh for your advice. Not sure whether i have to make my Employer A aware of this. Thinking of the consequences. Any suggestions from your side please?