Experience Letter of all companies required?

Hello ,

I have 14+ years experience but I dont have experience letter of first company worked on May 2000-Nov 2002.

What should I do ? Although I have Proffesional Practice and GNIIT certificate of this comapany completed at Jan2002.

  1. do i remove this company from resume

Please suggest what should I do ?


Never present any experience that you dont have a legit proof. Its dangerous if not now, at least it would be later

I have offer and joining letter of May 2000 and also promotion letter of May 2002,

Please suggest what should I do ?

If i don’t show this company resume then Gap would come.Graduation completed on 1998 and GNIIT course on 1999 after that I worked Professional practice in this company till Jan 2002, for this company I dont have expereince letter. what should i do please suggest