Exempt income not understood by interviewer

Recently i was rejected on my F1 application as the interviewer can not understand my fathers IT return which was showing gross income as 10L but there was a clear mention of his share from partnership company which was about 310 Lwhich was clearley mentioned under exempt income in the IT return itself. She tried for more than 10 minutes and took help of other officer as well but in the end was not satisfied. I am applying again …please advise me what more can I do.

Well, in my view, unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do. Just be prepared to explain to the VO, if any such questions. Good Luck for your next appointment !

Not sure if this would help but it might be a good idea to get a certified copy of the workings from a CA(i.e Balance sheet) trying to explain the amount 310L in detail. Could be beneficial if something like under the IT section xyz such an such amount is Tax Exempt, also attaching a photo copy of the partnership deed might be helpful.

I understand its a tricky situation at the same time we need to keep in mind that the VO is not well versed with Taxation rules of a particular country, so anything like Balance sheet, especially Financial Data Questionnaire might come in Handy.

Good Luck.