Entry into US with H1B for an experienced IT professional, pursuing MS or thru consultancies or any other ways !?

Hi everyone, This might be common question being asked several times, but just want to know the latest trend on it. I am working as an IT professional in US based sector in chennai. Our company is a reputed telecom giant in US. Currently with 3 years of total IT experience,i have been paid with a decent salary but there is no onsite oppurtunity in our concern.I have great passion to work in US and i am thinking of doing MS in US(doing MS is only to make an entry in US, however i am interested to study too) hoping i would get a job after MS. Kindly suggest me if i could take an attempt to pursue my MS or is there any other way to get an entry in US, i heard there are some consulting companies helping in getting H1B and arranging job interviews. I read thru several articles about this one and not able to come to an decision. It would be a great help if someone clarify and advice me.

Update ur resume in dice.com and other sites, u may get calls…
or talk to ur friends who are in US and refer u

Thanks for the respose, RaNa . Can you please breif a bit, so it is not good for me to pursue MS .