Endless Wait - RFE - H1

Hello Kumar and team,

Firstly, thanks for your time for helping the fellow aspirants :slight_smile:

My employer responded to RFE in the last week of March 19 for cap subject FY19 H1 and I still haven’t heard anything back (2 months and counting). It is at Vermont center and not sure how long it will take.

  1. Is it worth waiting for as long as it takes (upto 6 months maybe) or best to upgrade to premium?
  2. If employer is cost sensitive can the beneficiary actually pay for the premium costs because, it is in my interest as well?
  3. What (if any) other options are available?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Any suggestions anyone?

  1. It is better to upgrade to Premium, it is way too long I feel. Again, it is up to you and your employer…
  2. Yes, you can. It is an optional business expense for employer. Check DOL H1B Guide, if you wan to check it

Not many other options…

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Thanks Kumar, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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