Employment gap or job not related to my H1b job profile

Hello everyone,

I was working with my employer till 2017 when I had to quit my job due to a family emergency and move back to India. I have Bachelor degree required for the H1B job profile along with 4 year experience in India & 3 year experience in USA for the H1B job profile.

In India I worked in a non technical job with government not related to my job profile. Now I am ready to move back to US and my employer has hired me again.

I am going for stamping in June. Just wanted to know what should I mention about my 2 year employment in India? I have shown it on DS-160. Will there be any impact on my stamping since I already have 7 year of relevant job experience?

You should mention it, if you have worked on it. If they ask for tax returns or anything, you should show them. You cannot lie with Visa Officer…It should NOT have any impact. You should always state the facts in DS-160 and also during interview…You have bachelors and experience needed, should be fine.