Employer shift after L1 to H1 COS without visa stamped

I have a situation and need an expert’s advice/suggestion. I have been on and off on L1B working for an employer and last entered into the States in Oct 2011, the same employer applied for my H1B COS last year (2012), which was approved with effective from Dec 2012 and have not got the stamping yet. Now that we have opinion differences with the current management which changed recently and I have an offer from another employer, who is ready to do H1 transfer and also process green card. I want to know the implications of this move and how long does this H1B transfer would take, enabling me to work with the new employer and below are my questions.

1 - Chances for Denial of H1B transfer

2 - How long does this process normally takes

3 - What are implications? since, my H1B is COS and I have not got the stamping done yet.

All your help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  1. If all the documents are accurate and in line with the USCIS guidelines thent he chances of denial are very less.

  2. If the process is filed under premium processin it would take 15 days to come to a decision otherwise it may take 3 months on an average

  3. It is not mandatory to have stamping before H1 transfer. You should be good. Best of luck !