Employer not paying last month Salary

Hi ,

I was working with a desi employer for last 1 year and moved out to another company as an FTE. Consulting company was paying me with 2 weeks behind. and by the time i quit i had one month of salary to be settled. I gave them two weeks notice but they are now saying that they had a clause of 4 weeks notice in the offer letter which i signed up saying saying that they can deduct the salary if i dont serve 4 weeks. This sound little strange to me because as per industry standard it is just two weeks.

  1. Can an employer alter the notice period ? Because Most of the states are " At will " . This company is from NJ.

  2. Can they deduct my salary saying that i didnt server notice period? If yes, Can i report this to DOL ?

  3. Is there any value to the 4 week bond i signed up on ?

  4. They are saying they wont settle the last month pay via ADP as they that Full and Final Settlement can not be done via ADP . They also say that they wont generate any pay stub for the whole imonth ? Is this legal ?

  5. If they dont generate the pay stub, how do i prove that i was in valid H1 status?

Really appreciate your response on this.