Employer is delaying my joining in H1B

My H1B visa was issued with tenure from October2015 to October 2018. But still today the employer is delaying my joining and still today I am in India. In present scenario H1B is facing a lot of restrictions. Can anybody suggest me what to do with my H1B Visa? can I utilise it anyway? Thanks in advance.

  1. You can find another employer and ask to file a Cap-exempt H1b.

  2. Talk to your employer and check if you can apply for contract jobs from India. Once you get one, travel here. Note that, your employer has to run payroll, pay salary to you as long as you are here. Even though you got a contract after negotiating, it will go to your employer and then he will/should pay you.

Do not travel without a job, its illegal to be in US without pay.