Employer has updated me as your case has been failed

Employer has updated me as your case has been failed, what could be the reason behind this. How could they say this even when the lottery dates are not announced. Can some one tell me proper reason for this.

Can you please be more specific as what your employer told you?

Did they mention they your case wasn’t picked up in the random selection process?

Your employer is not communicated clearly on what this is all about. You need to ask the following things.

  1. Who failed your petition?

  2. What is meant by “failed” here?

  3. Did your employer file the petition with USCIS?



Did the employer commit a typo in their email. Maybe they wanted to write “filed” and wrote “failed”.

The mail has only one line statement “your case has been failed”.

Thank you Charaviz, I will ask these questions.

Hoping this is a typo.