Employer forgot to file LCA on time

I work for a consultant company. My employer forgot to file LCA for me with my new client and new address. I started working for this client for 45 days by now. my employer realises the mistake and now starts filing new LCA and do H1B ammendments now, will this be an issue?

My attorney told us that they will keep Late LCA. Will it impact my status anyway? Is there any issue for me here. Its not my mistake as my employer has to take care of it. Can I still continue working for this client? I came to know that LCA has to be filed before I start working. After working for 50 days, if LCA is filed, will there be an issue?

Thank you. Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Although they should have filed it 50 days ago, but I don’t think it will adversely impact you in the long run. Amendment may get approved despite the fact that you have been working for 50 days at the new location.

Thank you saurabh. If my employer apples for extension, will it be an issue? please let me know.

You mean extension after the amendment or as part of amendment? In either case, I think it should be fine w/ the new LCA getting approved prior to this filing.

I got my H1B valid till June 2014. However, my employer planning to apply for an extension instead of amendment because the client letter and other documentation is same for both amendment and extension.

I got my H1B approved ammended and approved. In my case the attorney did keep delayed LCA. Thank you!