Employer Employee Contract before H1 Filing

I signed a contract with my employer before joining and H1 filing. At that time he promised me 80/20 after 6 months. Even after 8 months , I am getting 70/30. In the agreement it is mentioned that I have to be with him for 2.5 years. If I leave the employer and join Full time, can I be in legal trouble ?.In that contract there is no mentioning of percentage basis and 70/30 just barely passes the salary mentioned in the contract. The company is in Edison, NJ and I work in Bloomington ,IL .

The legal contracts cannot be enforced in US for most of the times. Well, you have to gracefully ask for exit or talk to an attorney and get out of it. You could go to DOL , if you are underpaid or any wage violation.

Best thing in these kinds of cases, is to exit the company by finding another company.