Employer Complaint about employee to USCUS


I came to USA with employer ABC then i moved to company XYZ after that i came to know that company ABC is field a Complaint about me but how do i know whether they filed a case or not?

If they field a Complaint about me how do i know what they field.


What can they complain about? If you have a signed employment contract that was breached, that would go to court and not USCIS. Usually the employer just writes to USCIS asking them to withdraw their own approved petition.

i came to know that they mentioned i left the employer with un ethical way, but i have given official two weeks of notice and i also given transition of my work to colleagues btw i did not signed any contract with my employer.

As you mentioned they withdraw my approved petition. Will they mention any bad things while they withdrawing petition.

Thanks for helping me here.

USCIS will not do anything about leaving in “unethical” way. The worst that could happen is they give bad feedback when future employers check for references.