Emergency visa approved H1 B

Hi I applied emergency appointment they approve am health care profession PT I attended my visa interview at kolkotta they approved my visa

Hi, can you please let me know some more details. I am also a health care provider trying to get a visa appointment in India but have been unable to find any dates. I am currently in US but have to travel to see my family.
When I log on cgi and there are dates available ( marked in blue) after I select them it takes me to a page that says " you need to schedule a visa Interview)
Would really appreciate your help thank you

You need to book a regular appointment first and then request EA.

Ok. It’s been a nightmare trying to get a regular appointment. I saw a few dates on cgi, selected them and hit continue and it takes me to this page that says " you need to book an appointment "
Makes no sense

Hey, I just found a date, but it’s in 2022. Took it any way. I am hoping I can request an emergency appointment and be able to get it.
What reason did you cite for EA? and did you also take the NIE letter along?

You can choose urgent business travel if your job qualify for NIE and carry the NIE letter to the interview and present to the VO.

Does anyone have an experience of requesting for EA while still in US?