Emergency Question about H1b Transfer

Hello Kumar, Please help me with a good decision. I am working with Employer X and I want to move to Employer Y, But with Employer X my h1b got approved for 2 years and 1month.
Now another employer Y and X knows the same vendor(Z), but the employer X pays less where the employer Y says he pays me reasonable with the vendor Z. My employer X is a badass, he can do anything if he comes to know about my transfer decision(egoistic) i.e emailing client about wadera wadera( fake exp, etc). So I am in a dilemma that either can I go ahead with the transfer or not. I haven’t got the paystubs yet to start the transfer(not sure when I get, even the pay isn’t on time.
2. Employer Y says you don’t need to worry about Employer X once we get the receipt number of the transfer. But before he transfers, he will have a discussion with Vendor Z about pay and file LCA. But if employer Y has a discussion with Vendor Z, The member in vendor Z can send a message to Employer X, and Employer X can revoke my H1b.:cold_sweat:
3. Another problem with Employer X is, I have a contract for more than 6 months with the client, but he still wants me to find a job, whereas Employer Y says you can be with the same client, you are just changing the employer as they know the same vendor.
Please help me with this. I request you to show some mercy towards my degraded life i am living with the current employer as he pays me 18$per hour, i believe no one works for such a cheap money expect me and he never pays on time , such a gready man.now i want to be greedy about my parents and family.Beacuase of him, i have been going to office by walk every day which is 3 miles ( cant afford uber with that pay)
Even though if i get a new job with Employer X, even if the hourly pay is 65$ he still pays me 35$ which is even less than what he mentioned in LCA and in return i have to pay my tax with my own money, only rich people afford him.

There is nothing an can employer do if you don’t want to stay. You can actually sue him for not paying the amount mentioned in LCA. He will get royally screwed. Also if u transfer he wont know until you say it to him. You don’t even have to say it to him. He will know once your salary stops crediting to him. Go ahead do whatever you need.