Email confirmation of H1 Receipt - Premium Processing

Hi all,

Our H1 application has been delivered (as per Fedex tracking) this morning around 11 am at Vermont centre; Any idea when would be get the email confirmation of Receipt (Praying to Almighty God that we made it to the cap) for Premium processing

I also filled today hoping for best

Mine was filled on May25th,untl May 31st, attorney dint receive the email for receipt notice, around 3.30pm EST on 31st May, we got receipt notice and when i checked the status using the receipt number, it was already approved…BUT approval notice came after 10 days.

btw: mine was PP…so if your’s is PP too, even if you dont get a receipt notice, stay calm, yours will be cap counted…

Usually your attorney will get a receipt by email the next day. In some cases it could be couple of days.