Eligibility for H1b to L1b visa conversion


My wife is in H1b and i am in H4 visa. My wife is working on a specialised skills technology. She has been working in the company A for 1.5 yrs. She has a total of 3 yrs of IT experience. The company A is doing business in US for more than 20 yrs. They dont have any oversees branch or subsidary. 


My question is,


1. Is the company A eligible to sponser L1B to my wife. 

2. Is my wife eligible for L1b visa


  1. Does A has a subsidiary outside US? If yes, then L-1 can be applied through that org.

  2. Has she worked for A outside US for more than 1 year in past 3 years? If no, then she is not eligible for L-1 through this employer.