Effect of Bad Graduation marks in MS/MBA

hello ,
One of my friend gave GRE and scored very well marks in it. its 322 and In TOefl its 105.
But have low academic record of 67% but have 3 research paper.
I also have low academic record of 63% and No research paper and planing to give GRE for MS in CS . I would like to ask how graduation marks affects the admission into the top university if i have good GRE score and also in case of admission in B-schools through GMAT how graduation marks affects ?
specially in IVY league universities.

Admission decision is not just depedent on one aspect. You will not be denied admission into an Ivy league school because you have got bad academic scores…Universities look at the overall application. You can always offset your low academics with GRE and GMAT scores and explain your reasons for low academics in your SOP so that it all ties up into the application and your passion.