EB3 EAD (H4) Processing time..

Hi Red Bus Team,

I got an offer from one company but they do Gc in EB3 Category only. My Spouse (H4) wanted to work - She is a Registered Nurse. As of my understanding, i140 gets approved in 6 months after the filing. So, if you could answer my below questions it would be great.

  1. Once after I140 is approved, How much time it takes to apply for EAD and within what time EAD will be approved (EB3) ?

  2. Will there be any difference between H1 EAD processing time and H4 EAD Processing time ?

  3. Once her EAD is approved, Hope she will be able to start work for any JOb?

  4. Registered Nurse Green Card Processing time is less compared to other jobs ?

  1. H-4 EAD is usually processed in 90 days.

  2. I assume by H-1 EAD you are referring to EAD issued after I-485 has been filed. This could take quite a few years to file if you are applying in EB-3 India now. Is India your place of birth?

  3. Yes

  4. You mean your wife finds a potential employer on H-4 EAD, who then applies green card for her? Again, it would matter whether it is EB-2 or EB-3 and they both carry wait times. If EB-2, then it would same as yours. EB-2 would be faster than your EB-3

Thank you Saurabh for the answer,

  1. Yes. India is my Birth Place.
  2. Yes in the H4-EAD if she finds a potential employer. But I heard that, there Registered nurses have advantage compared to other regular GC processing. is there a different queue or something. ?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think so. Employment based GC has 3 categories - EB1, EB2 and EB3 and your category determines the speed lane. As I am not from medical domain, I may be missing something specific to that profession. However, once she has found an employer willing to file her green card, they would be able to guide better.

OK. Thank you Saurabh. Really appreciate your help.