Earliest Travel Dates for H1B Visa 2012


First of all I would like to thank this forum, which helped in may ways to get my H1B stamped.

Question: Mine is a 2012 H1B(Normal Filing) and I got my VISA stamped on July 10. when I revceived my visa after stamping I observed that there is instruction stating that it is valid only after 21 Sep 2012. I know that H1B employement start date is 1 Oct 2012. Now my organisation is asking me to travel on 23 Sep 2012(with spouse), My confusion is since H1B employment start date is 1 Oct 2012, if i travel on 23 Sep 2012 will it cause any problem in USA port of entry or will it cause any problem in future? Since my indian organization will pay for from day 1 that is from 23 Sep 2012, anyways i will start working for USA clinet from 1 Oct 2012 only.

Pelase help me with answer, it will certainly help me in planning my travel better.



Hi Sachin, first of all congrats for your visa stamping.

You can travel max 10 days in advance of you empoyment start date that is 21st Sept onwards. so there will be no issue if you travel on 23rd as these 10 days are assumed to get you settle by the time you start working

I think for these 10 days you will not get salary (may be per-diem)

so there will be no tax issue.

all the best