Earliest date, when a sponsorer can file H1 visa for me?


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Actually My husband’s company is suppose to file H4 visa for me soon. Now I am bothered about getting a H1 Visa for me as the h1b cap for this year has been reached.
My query is:

  1. what is the earliest date when a sponsoring company[provided I have one] can file for H1 visa for me considering I have H4 Visa.
  2. What would be the earliest date, I can start working?

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  1. The earliest date for filing cap-subject petitions is April 2013 for FY2014 quota.

    1. For case (1), the earliest date you could start working will be 1st October 2013.

    Note: If you could find a cap-exempt organization, they can file your petition at anytime and once approved you could start working as early as requested start date in the petition (or the date of approval whichever is later).