EAD for H4 visa

Good afternoon,

How can I apply for a work permit, when I have a H4 visa? The H4 spouse has an H1B visa.

If the EAD have been denied before, what can I do? Can I apply for the second time?

Witch office is the best one to apply for the visa?



You can apply for EAD if H-1 visa holder has an approved I-140 or is in 7th year of H-1. Is that the case?

Why was previous EAD denied?

thanks for the answer.

It is possible that I have the H1-B, without the I-140 form? I’m not finding this form in my papers.


I-140 is one of the petitions filed and approved during green card process. You won’t have that until your green card process reaches that stage.

There is no other option to get H-4 work authorization.