EAD Delayed but case approved

I have not received my EAD card over three weeks after I received my approval notice. It’s been around 106 days since the case was received. Is anyone else facing this issue? It’s for the Dallas Center. The case status is still approved.

Did you file only EAD or was it with H4+EAD ? Did you get your H4 EAD approved or only EAD approved ?

In general, there are definitely delays with processing of EAD and H4, so you may have to wait for some more time…Check some of theaverages of H4 + EAD processing times to get an idea

It’s been 107 days since they received the case. I’m on F1 visa. My I765 form was approved

Ah, sorry I was thinking H4. Never mind, if your I-765 is approved, but have not received the card, then you need call them to figure out, if it was delivered or lost in mail. Did you try creating an online account on DHS https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ , sometimes, this shows more info. Try doing that.
You can call them as well. Worst case, then request for a new card… Talk to your DSO as well.
Do post your update here on what happend for everyone benefit.