EAD card lost

I got my EAD approved, but it was lost in mail and I have never received it. So i applied for my EAD replacement. But my employer is not allowing me to join with my replacement EAD receipt or a temporary EAD card. I9 form clearly states I can work if my EAD is approved and if lost, I can produce my replacement EAD receipt and start work, but produce my original EAD within 90days of joining. Is there anything else that can be done?

Your employer must be a moron. He can always give conditional employment and call the USCIS with the receipt number. You are absolutely legal to be employed. Make an infopass appointment with the local USCIS office and request them a letter of confirmation of this replacement card and your eligibility to be employed.

But there are few idiots who work as employers, you cant win them.

Find another employer. He is not aware of immigration.