E3 Transfer within US or new stamping outside US

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I'm currently on E-3 Visa and my wife is on E-3D. She has received her EAD about 2 weeks back. There are few doubts regarding if I go for E3 transfer.

1. If I transfer my E3, can I get it done within US or do I need to go out and get a new stamping in the passport?

2. If I have to go out then does my wife also need to come along and get a new one? Since her visa doesn't say that it's employer based, does she need another stamping? If she needs to get a new stamping as well, then does she need to get a new EAD also?

3. If it can be done within US, so does my wife's visa also need to be transferred, and again does she need to apply a new EAD?

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E-3 is the equivalent of an H-1B for Australian nationals so all rules that apply to an H-1B apply to E-3s. You can get your E-3 transferred without leaving country, your wife does not need a new EAD now but only after the present document expires. E-3D is dependent on E-3 and you are not changing visa class, just employers; so nothing really changes for your wife and no immediate action is required.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

I remember your question on E-3 stamping from a few weeks ago. I trust all is well and happy to note that you are seeking a transfer. Change is always good.

Yes Dr. Shankar. Everything is fine and am currently trying for a transfer. The information from your side is always correct. No disrespect, I asked the same from USCIS and they also confirmed the same thing. Only the transfer application needs to be filed for my wife and myself, and no EAD refiling is required. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi All,

I just stumbled accross to this blog site during my random search on google. I understand its an old post but I just need some info. I am planning to change my employer on E3 and I do not know many people who are aware of E3 process. I have enquired with USCIS and there seems to be not much info from their end as well.
Once the change of employer petition is filed by the new employer how much is the process time? As per USCIS we need to wait untill the decision is made which may take upto 90 days. But if thats the case then the new employer may not wait that long, isnt it bit triky?

If someone has already gone through this process please provide some info, highly appreciate it.