During extension of H4(Spouse & kid) is it safe to Travel Outside US?

We have Validatity of H4 Visa(spouse & kid) till July 2016. Is It ok to travel Outside US When Extension and amendment is applied. Please let me know.

If you leave US when extension is in progress, then EOS would be abandoned. I-94 is extended only if the person continues to live inside US throughout the processing. Otherwise they will abandon the I-94 extension.

When is H-1 holder’s 797 expiring? Is that also under extension process?

H1B Visa is expiring on july 2016. But the H1B Visa holder is in the united states.

FYI-Only dependents left from the US

Extension can be applied at most 6 months in advance. This means the H-4 extensions will be filed in Jan/Feb 2016?

Anyways, if H-4 extension is in progress and the dependents leave US, then those extension petitions are abandoned. On returning to US, they will have to show the latest approved 797 and would receive I-94 based on that expiration date.

can you please tell if you are refering for h1b visa 797 document(existing document) .Incase if it is approved for approval of extension(h1b) before they arrive in US then they can show copy of 797 approved(latest one) at port of entry. Please let me know. Thanks a lot for your response.

Yes, I am referring to 797. If new 797 arrives, they can show that and get extended I-94s (no further extensions required). If new 797 is still pending, then they will receive I-94 based on old 797 and extensions need to be filed soon after they enter US.