DS160-H1B education details


I have a strange question about the education details while filling DS160-H1B.

I have masters from India and after my masters I went to UK for further study.There I completed Advance Diploma in Business studies from a college on the basis I got visa extension as well. But currently the college has been dessolved. Hence no more the college is. While filling the DS160 for H1B .Do, I need to mention this details on my previous education.If so, BGV may not be cleared after submission of the DS160. I have college certificates and based on that certificates my visa been extended during my stay in UK.Please advice me whether should i need to mention the Advance diploma while filling DS160.

Mention the college name as you have it on your certificates. Background verification companies will know if a college has been dissolved and when.

Typically employers when filing H1B, will include an education evaluation report. This will conclude the US equivalent of the degree/diploma you earned.