DS160 form for parents - Lost Passport - Tourist VISA declined much earlier

Hi Saurabh / Friends,

I’m trying to have my parents visit my wife & I here in the US, and have a few questions with regards to the DS160 form.

  1. I understand that I have to complete two separate DS160 forms for my parents, though they will be travelling together. Will they need two separate I-134s, and separate sets of papers as well ?

  2. Do I have to mention my Mom’s ‘surname’ before her marriage ? But, she may not have any proof of marriage like a wedding certificate. The Passport that she currently holds, has the surname after marriage since their wedding in 1972.

  3. My Mom had a Passport back in 1985-86, but she lost that Passport about that time and never cared to lodge a police complaint. Subsequently, in 2006, she got new Passport without any police complaint or mention of the Passport she held in the 80’s. Now, in 1986, her younger brother, who used to live here in the US at that time, sent her a tourist ticket to the US. So, she applied for a tourist VISA, but got declined at the US consulate in Chennai.

So, that was on the old Passport, and neither she nor my Dad recollect that episode, nor have any documentation. They don’t even have a copy of the lost passport

Do we need to mention on the DS160 that she was declined a VISA earlier ? We’re now working on this VISA based on the new passport with no link to the old one that is lost.

  1. Somewhere on the DS160 form there was a question on the relatives here in the US. Would it be fine to just mention myself as my parents’ immediate relative, or do we also have to state my Mom’s sister and their children as well ? It asks for their addresses & phone numbers.

  2. Lastly, do we schedule the VISA interview date after submission of the DS160 forms along with the digital photos ? And, I understand that we could now pay the VISA fee online.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

I find it so tragic to see family unification being blocked time and again for silly reasons. Indian professionals could focus better on work if only there was not so much stress in achieving something as simple as a parent being able to visit their child abroad. Statute of expiry on denials is 10 years so you will apply as a new case for your mom. Regarding immediate relative query, your name and number are sufficient. Name in the current passport is the final name for the record.

Wish you the very best


Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; Email: international@chu.edu