ds-160 previous employer after acquisition

Hi Everyone,

AI - Company in India, which transferred me to A in Oct 2013, worked for AI from sep 2012 till Oct 2013

A - Prev Company in USA which is acquired by B worldwide on July 1st 2014(so it means worked for A from Oct 2013 till June 30 2014)

B - Company in USA(working from July 1st 2014 - now)

BI - B’s subsidiary in India

I am in USA now working for B, H1B petition is transferred to B from A, and I am going to India in dec 2016, I need to go for stamping as my VISA with A expired.

When I am filling ds-160, it asks for two prev employers, so my question is, do I need to fill prev employers as A and AI ? Or I need to fill the current employer as B itself from Sep 2012 and fill other prev india employers ?, I cannot produce any letters for A and AI with their letter head, but it is possible to get the letters from B and BI on behalf of A and AI, if interviewer asks for any proof for prev employers, it would be tricky, kindly answer if you ever had such issues, thank you