Hi All,

Please help us in this regard as I’m going for NEW h1b stampiing chennai along with my family.

In DS-160 form there is a question which says

  1. “Intended date of travel” (The date of travel should be 2 months from the scheduled date of interview)

We are going on August 13th for the interview and in my application form I had put it as OCT 20th 2012.

In my wife and kid application form ie H4 visa, I had mentioned as DEC 2012, as they wouldnt be travelling along with me. Is that valid ? It would be 4 months before for them going for interview stamping before the date of travel . Is that OK? I’m totally lost regarding this. Please help at the earliest.

I don’t think that is an issue. Keeping separate dates is fine.

However, you could keep Oct 20th for all the family members. The VISA validity will start usually from this date, but the person can travel anytime on or after the VISA validity date. Thus you could travel on 20th Oct and your family can follow you in Dec 2012.