DS-160 FORM Filling for H4

My H1b visa interview has been scheduled next week. But now I need to apply H4 visa for my family. But I have filled No for persons travelling with me in my DS-160. Whether I need to put my name in my all dependents DS-160 forms for Persons travelling with you section

Pls guide me. Thanks in advance

There are two options…

1> If you wish you can cancel the interview appointment with filled DS-160 form and fill the new one with the accurate details and take up a new schedule.

2> Try to go attend the interview on schedule. Generally the interviewer wont ask why are you not taking family(Incase if he knew that you are married). If he/she asks by chance, just tell them that they are busy here…due to that they cant travel. I am also not much interested to stay there and planning to return back in less than a year after completing my current project…some thing like that.

In my personal opinion, i would recommend second option and send the family for H4 stamping once you receive the H1 stamping. There is nothing harm in doing such…