DS-160 Correction - Zip code wrong in Address - New DS-160?

Hi All ,

I have scheduled my Drop box appointment for H4 on Dec 3rd , I filled out DS-160 and submitted it but now I see their is a small correction in the address field where I stay In us instead of 9222 I gave 922 zip code,city and state are good. Do I need to submit new DS-160 can any one suggest.

Well, it is a very minor typo and frankly, it should not matter. In general, the system should have prompted you to give right zip code… If you are worried, you can fill out another DS-160 again and use the same for dropbox. You can try to call the customer service and see, if they can update it or they see a need to create a new DS-160. You can also write to US embassy and confirm the same, if new DS-160 is needed.

do update here what you figure out after reaching out for everyone benefit.