Dropbox for lost passport with valid us visa

Passport stolen with valid US visa,

  1. When I will apply for new visa will I be ten fingered again?

  2. Will have to appear for interview again? If so what question will be asked?

  3. Do I need to schedule interview as a regular new applicant which has 45 days waiting or I can apply under emergency?

  4. Really confused about question on travel docs, where your visa expired in the last 12 months?

  5. What to fill in DS 160, explain section of have you ever lost a passport?

I live in the US for last three year and had my stamping done very recently, but right before my travel my passport where stolen.

I have police FIR with me and currently in progress of reissuing indian passport.

Thank you so much for reading a long post, any help in this matter is greatly appretiated.

Hi… did you go through the processing… i need some info regarding the same issue…


Yes, I did. Let me know what information you need.

@Vaibhav88jain, Would you mind sharing more details on what you exactly did for your situation with Lost passport and how handled it. I mean answer your own question, it will help others as well.