Dropbox for H4 Spouse & Kid under 14yrs with Expired Visa


I’m H1B holder staying in US with valid i797 extension till September 2022 and my stamped Visa expired on November 2019.

I’m planning to bring my H4 dependents(Spouse & Kid 9yrs old) to US. They already had H4 Visa Stamped on passport but expired on November 2019(without entry to USA).

Since they are within 48 Months of DropBox Eligibility, i booked H4 appointment for both(Spouse & Kid 9yrs old) under single Profile in Chennai VAC.

Is my kid eligible for dropbox with my Spouse? as both parents (Me H1B and my spouse) dont have valid visa stamped on passport?

If i continue my scheduled appointment,will USCIS accept my kid’s document for processing?

Please tell me the right approach i need to follow. Its really difficult to get the appointment slots

Both should be eligible for dropbox. I would just call VFS and have them clarify.


Hi Kalpesh,
Thanks for responding, I called VFS help desk and they said that my kid is not eligible for Dropbox as both parents doesn’t have valid Visa stamped on passport. And they asked me to cancel the appointment and separate the profile to book separate appointments for them.

But I heard from some people saying that except Hyderabad location other centers doesn’t ask to do this step. That’s why thought of double check before cancelling the existing appointment. I scheduled appointment in Chennai VAC.

Sorry, I missed the valid visa for both parents requirement.