Dropbox eligibility - H1 and H4


I have my visa stamped with employer A with expiration date as 01 may 2020, I transferred to employer B in 2019 and because of COVID, I got laid off in Aug 2020, Now I am with employer C and I have valid approval notice. Now I am planning for visit in Jan 2021 and need to get my visa stamped.

Ideally my scenario is eligible for Drop box as my stamped visa in passport is valid till 01may2020 but my employer A with whom the visa is stamped, they revoked my petition after I moved to employer B and the case status in USCIS says " Revocation Notice Was Sent" . With this scenario, am I still eligible for Dropbox ? what should I answer for this question while booking for appointment ?
“Was your most recent visa (in the same class for which you are applying) lost or stolen or cancelled?”

Any idea how to check whether Dropbox appointment available in Jan/Feb in Hyderabad/Chennai ? TIA.

Yes, you should be. That has nothing to do with your visa. That is USCIS thing.
Visa revocation is different from USCIS withdrawal.
You should be as long as your Visa on passport was not revoked.
Well, that is a tough question, you need to keep checking. There are few slots due to closure of consulate for regular operations. You need to keep looking by registering an account and paying fee.

Thank you kumar. If this doesn’t cause any issue then I will do that and check availability.

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