Dropbox eligibility for H4 to H1B


I have change status from H4 to H1B who is currently in United States, I would like to know if am eligible for dropbox for change of status from H4 to H1B

I have booked my appointment for VAC & Interview as below

VAC - March 6th 2022
Interview Date - March 8th 2022

From the recent update I came to know that we are eligible for dropbox if we are meeting below

  1. Should have a stamped visa before?

Yes, I do have H4 visa stamped & no rejection before

  1. There shouldn’t be any visa rejection before?

No visa denial before

Please let me know if I am eligible for the Visa waiver program with dropbox for change of status from H4 to H1B.

Can I use the same date for dropbox or should I cancel the interview appointment date & get new date for dropbox?


You might have to cancel the current appointment and book a new one that will access your Dropbox eligibility during the booking process and provide with Dropbox appointment if you qualify.

Before doing above, call VFS to confirm.