Drop box submission for H4 without her I-797

Hi… My H1b extension has been approved and I received my I-797. But my spouse did not receive her I-797 though we submitted I-539. Her visa & I-94 expired in June, 2017. We both are planning to travel to India for vacation. My questions here are:

i) Can she travel to India in August with expired visa and I-94? Will there be any issue while departing from USA?
ii) Since she did not receive her I-797, can she use my I-797 for her H4 stamping while submitting in the drop-box?


I am in same condition, would you able to help me on this. How does stamping happened for your wife ?

I got my I-797A and did not received any document for my wife, need to understand how to go for stamping in this case.

ppraveeninfa and tjsreenath,
I am in same situation, can you please tell us what happened in your case?