Drop box appointment scheduled on VAC holiday June 29,2023 (bhakrid)


My H1B drop box appointment is scheduled for June 29,2023 (bhakrid) at Chennai VAC. It seems all VACs are on holiday on June 29,2023 (bhakrid) including Chennai VAC. as per https://ustraveldocs.com/in/en/step-4#holidays

Has anyone faced this situation?

Did you call VFS and confirm? I would assume they won’t book if it is a holiday.


Yes. I sent an email to the ustraveldocs already. I called them. seems it is out of office hours. I will call them tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

June 29th, is a holiday as per official calendar of Chennai for Consulate. Check US Consulate Chennai: Hotels, Locker, Holidays, Address, FAQs

I had booked my appointment on a holiday at Chennai VAC and planned to drop documents at Mumbai VAC,I went to drop off my passport but they were closed, i didn’t even know it was a holiday. Thankfully they took my papers next day and my stamping was done and received passport in ~2 weeks.
You should be fine.